Large Format G4 CCD Cameras from Moravian Instruments

Large format G4 CCD cameras

Moravian Instruments G4 CCD cameras are capable of using large CCD detectors with 37 × 37 mm area, which is 50%
more than the area of a classical film frame. Precisely regulated cooling keeps the CCD at constant temperature, which allows high quality image calibration. The Moravian Instruments G4 Cameras can also be equipped with liquid-coolant heat exchanger to cool down the hot side of the Peltier TEC modules, beside the two magnetic levitating fans used in air cooled cameras. The G4 cameras are equipped with near-IR preflash electronics to cope with the Residual Bulk Image effect.

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There is a mechanical shutter inside the camera head. In contrast to the smaller G3 and G2 cameras, filter wheel for 50 × 50 mm square filters (round filters of 50 mm diameter cause vignetting on such large CCD chips) cannot be placed inside the camera head due to limited space. However, it is possible to connect an external filter wheel for 5 large filters to the G4 camera as the camera head already contains a connector for external filter wheel control. Even a larger external filter wheel with 7 positions for 50 × 50 mm square filters is available for G4 cameras.


The used CCD detectors are equipped with so-called “anti-blooming gate” (ABG), which drains the over-abundant charge from saturated pixels. ABG ensures the round images of bright stars, without disruptive blooming spikes. This is particularly important for large format cameras, which often provide wide field of view. Moreover, compromising the linearity of the CCD by ABG is negligible and it has no effect on photometric or astrometric observations. G4 cameras are used for astronomical research and also considered to be the ultimate camera for astrophotography.





Color mask


Pixel size

Chip area






× 3072


× 12 μm


× 36.9 mm






× 4096


× 9 μm


× 36.9 mm

All these G4 Large Format CCD cameras are available from the official UK distributor,
Delivery will take approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the actual camera model.

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Below image is courtesy of Martin Page. Due to the recent bad weather, this was his first attempt to use the camera when there was a little bit of clear sky… Click on the image for the original resolution.

Horsehead to Orion nebula Widefield image taken with a Takahashi FSQ106 and G4-16000 camera. Author: Martin Page

Horsehead to Orion nebula Widefield image taken with a Takahashi FSQ106 and G4-16000 camera. Author: Martin Page





























Article by Zoltan Trenovszki

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Posted on March 8th, 2013.