SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW FOR A VOUCHER (rules have been amended on 6 Oct 2013: deadline extended) We have now this blog plus two more blogs about microscopes and telescopes as well: We know there is not much information there yet, but the plan is to submit our own reviews, probably 2-4 per month or so, plus from 1 Oct until 31 Dec 2013 we will be giving away £10 and £20 vouchers for submitted reviews… Conditions: 1.… Read more »

Large Format G4 CCD Cameras from Moravian Instruments

Large format G4 CCD cameras Moravian Instruments G4 CCD cameras are capable of using large CCD detectors with 37 × 37 mm area, which is 50% more than the area of a classical film frame. Precisely regulated cooling keeps the CCD at constant temperature, which allows high quality image calibration.… Read more »