PrimaLuceLab Eagle3

The Eagle3 is now available from 365Astronomy and we wanted to tell you more about what it is like to use this innovative new astrophotography computer. At first glance you will see a box with power ports and perhaps notice the Wi Fi aerials but look closer and you will see it is made solidly from metal and has many threaded fixing holes on the top and bottom. This is beacuse not only is the Eagle3 a powerful astro imaging PC, it also becomes a rigid part of your rig and manages all of your power requirements in a single integrated solution.

PrimaLuceLab Eagle

It is very easy to configure because it uses Windows 10 Enterprise so that all your essential imaging and rig control software can be installed on the internal SSD (solid state drive). The inbuilt Wi Fi network ensures a fast and stable connection to manage all of your devices remotely (focus, filter wheel, mount and image capture software and hardware). By using RDP (remote desktop) your can choose to connect from a PC or laptop, an iPad or tablet and even from your phone! I was amazed how easy it is to control my imaging equipment from my Android phone, it really is simple.

Eagle3 Power Management

Power management is flexible and secure because the main power leads are all screwed to the unit tightly. There are even controllable power sockets for dew straps and all the power connections can be controlled and monitored from the custom interface Eagle Manager

Eagle3 USB Connectivity

The Eagle3 has 4 USB2 portts and 4 USB3 ports! I had no problems connecting all of my equipment, in fact the choice is amazing, this unit has been very well designed for the needs of astrophotographers. PrimaLuceLab has spent a long time making sure that every detail is perfect.

Eagle Manager

The Eagle Manager allows you to manage and view the status of each power and communications port. I like that I can name these ports and turn them on and off either by a default setting or during my imaging run. I can see how much power is being used and monitor my battery status (the unit can be mains powered too).

Eagle3 Mounting Options

The mounting options are very flexible and Eagle3 is supplied with a range of fixing bolts and the instructions have a number of examples to follow for users of PLUS system and for users with a mixture of accessories. I was able to simply mount the unit to my telescope carry handle and add my guide scope on top.

PrimaLuceLab Eagle3 from 365Astronomy
Eagle Series Specifications

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Posted on February 3rd, 2019.