Celestron Starsense Accessory

Celestron Starsense Accessory for Celestron Nexstar 6SE telescope We are expecting the first delivery of the Starsense Accessory into the UK very shortly, although unfortunately it’ll be enough only to fulfill the first wave of orders… Never-the-less it marks the start of a new era in astronomy for many Celestron computerised mount users and also gives hope that very soon the Starsense Accessory will become a stock item.… Read more »

Starting in Astro Photography

Starting in Astro Photography by Zoltan Trenovszki, 365Astronomy I’ve written this article in response to a question from one of our kind customers, Gareth T. My reply email has grown into such a size that I’ve decided to publish it for the benefit of the public.… Read more »

How to deal with Newton’s rings in CMOS imaging?

Whilst I cannot say that I’ve done a very in-depth research on the subject, I’ll try to provide some sort of guidance and advice about how to deal with Newton’s rings in CMOS imaging. Newton’s rings are generally accepted as an interference phenomenon, appearing on surfaces where the light is being reflected from two nearly parallel surfaces (i.e.… Read more »

Polar Alignment of Fornax 10 LighTrack Mobile Tracking Mount

Polar Alignment of Fornax 10 LighTrack Mobile Tracking Mount The Fornax 10 LighTrack is one of the best tracking telescope mounts available on the market Recently, we received an email from a customer who purchased a Fornax 10 tracking mount, who had difficulties with taking images without star trails.… Read more »