Medium Format G3 CCD Cameras for Astrophotography

        Medium format G3 CCD cameras   Medium Format G3 CCD Cameras for Astrophotography and Scientific Applications from Moravian Instruments – Made in Europe The Moravian Instruments Medium Format G3 CCD cameras can be equipped with CCD detectors up to 24 × 36 mm.… Read more »

Welcome to 365Telescopes, a blog for stargazers!

The 365Telescopes blog has been setup by 365Astronomy with an aim of providing additional information and support for our customers and other interested parties who have common interest in mainly observation, imaging and scientific research of stars, planets, deep sky objects, the Sun and the Moon and obviously the instruments, used for the above, so this is meant to be a real telescopes and astronomy blog.… Read more »


SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW FOR A VOUCHER (rules have been amended on 6 Oct 2013: deadline extended) We have now this blog plus two more blogs about microscopes and telescopes as well: We know there is not much information there yet, but the plan is to submit our own reviews, probably 2-4 per month or so, plus from 1 Oct until 31 Dec 2013 we will be giving away £10 and £20 vouchers for submitted reviews… Conditions: 1.… Read more »

Large Format G4 CCD Cameras from Moravian Instruments

Large format G4 CCD cameras Moravian Instruments G4 CCD cameras are capable of using large CCD detectors with 37 × 37 mm area, which is 50% more than the area of a classical film frame. Precisely regulated cooling keeps the CCD at constant temperature, which allows high quality image calibration.… Read more »