Celestron Skyportal and EAGLE CORE for Celestron Mounts

Celestron Skyportal (SkyQ Link 2) and Primaluce Lab EAGLE CORE for Celestron Mounts

With Celestron’s SkyPortal device (formerly known as SkyQ Link 2), connected to the Italian Primaluce Lab’s EAGLE CORE, you can control many Celestron mounts using the SkyPortal or SkySafary planetarium app, you can start autoguiding and capturing with a DSLR camera using EAGLE OS software, in order to easily perform astrophotography via WiFi from any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet! Usually SkyPortal device creates its own WiFi network that you connect to but in this article we’ll see how to connect it to EAGLE CORE: this way you can connect your iOS or Android device to EAGLE CORE WiFi and take full wireless control of the telescope that will be easier to use and transport, a perfect instrument for astrophotography.

In this example, we’ll see how to setup a SkyPortal device connected to a Celestron computerized mount with a NexStar handset.


SkyPortal (SkyQ Link 2) and EAGLE CORE for Celestron mounts: use schematics

Take the SkyQ Link 2 and connect it to the AUX port of the Celestron mount. Please check that side switch button of the SkyPortal device (SkyQ Link 2) is in “Direct Connect” set. Power the Celestron mount and turn it on by pressing the ON button on the mount. Then activate the WiFi connection of the mobile device we want to control the telescope from (in our example, an iPad or an iPhone) and select the network created by the SkyPortal device (SkyQ Link 2), called “Celestron-xx”.


SkyPortal (SkyQ Link 2) and EAGLE CORE for Celestron mounts: start WiFi of the control device

Then start the SkyPortal app (if you haven’t it, you can find it in the App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android). Then select the bottom button Settings. Click on Communication and then Configure Access Point. In the page that opens, please insert the name of the WiFi network created by your EAGLE CORE (in our example “eaglecore003”). Then in the option Passphrase please insert the password of the network created by the EAGLE CORE. In the option SECURITY please select WPA.


SkyPortal (SkyQ Link 2) and EAGLE CORE for Celestron mounts: SkyPortal settings (1)

Then press “Send configuration to WiFi Module” and wait for some seconds. The message “WiFi Module Configured Successfully” will be displayed. Press the OK button to confirm.


SkyPortal (SkyQ Link 2) and EAGLE CORE for Celestron mounts: SkyPortal settings (2)

Then click on <Scope Communication to come back and select the option Use Access Point. A window will appear, please switch the side button of the SkyQ Link 2 in “Access Point” mode and click OK on the screen to confirm. Then please press Done to exit from SkyPortal settings. Please turn off your Celestron mount and then turn it on. Now come back to the WiFi settings of your iOS or Android device and connect to the WiFi network of the EAGLE CORE (in our example “eaglecore003”). Then start the SkyPortal app and press the Scope icon and then Connect.


SkyPortal (SkyQ Link 2) and EAGLE CORE for Celestron mounts: SkyPortal app

Now you can move the mount, align the stars in the sky, point one of the visible objects on the planetarium. Then you can go to the EAGLE CORE app to start autoguide and then photograph the object you’ve selected in the SkyPortal App.


SkyPortal (SkyQ Link 2) and EAGLE CORE for Celestron mounts: using 2 apps you can control the entire telescope via WiFi

Original article written by dr. Filippo Bradaschia (modified and corrected by Zoltan Trenovszki)

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Posted on May 11th, 2017.