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ZWO at the Forefront of Technological Development

ZWO at the Forefront of Technological Development There have been some recent new additions to the ZWO family of cameras. This highlights ZWO at the forefront of technological development in planetary imaging. Planetary imaging (including the moon and the sun) provides a good introduction to the art of astrophotography.… Read more »

An Introduction to Astrophotography

An Introduction to Astrophotography is an article that provides an introduction to the points that should be considered when starting out on astrophotography. Different set-ups are required for the solar system than for deep sky objects (DSOs). Our solar system contains bright objects such as the moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mars that reflect sunlight.… Read more »

ZWO ASI CMOS Cameras and Accessories

We are being frequently asked about ZWO ASI CMOS cameras and accessories, so here is a quick overview of these popular products. We can supply the whole range of ZWO cameras and accessories from UK stock now. The ZWO ASI 120MC colour, ASI 120MM monochrome and the lates USB-3.0 versions, ZWO ASI120MC-S and ZWO ASI120MM-S are our bestsellers, but we also sell the ASI 130MM monochrome that comes with a slightly bigger sensor (its field of view is equivalent to a 9mm eyepiece).… Read more »