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Celestron Skyportal and EAGLE CORE for Celestron Mounts

Celestron Skyportal (SkyQ Link 2) and Primaluce Lab EAGLE CORE for Celestron Mounts With Celestron’s SkyPortal device (formerly known as SkyQ Link 2), connected to the Italian Primaluce Lab’s EAGLE CORE, you can control many Celestron mounts using the SkyPortal or SkySafary planetarium app, you can start autoguiding and capturing with a DSLR camera using EAGLE OS software, in order to easily perform astrophotography via WiFi from any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet!… Read more »

Celestron at the Cutting Edge of Astrophotography

Celestron at the cutting edge of astrophotography On 7 January 2013, Celestron announced the introduction of a new range of telescopes specifically designed for astrophotography. This included the new Advanced VX mount and the EDGE HD range of Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tubes (SCT).… Read more »

Celestron Starsense Accessory

Celestron Starsense Accessory for Celestron Nexstar 6SE telescope We are expecting the first delivery of the Starsense Accessory into the UK very shortly, although unfortunately it’ll be enough only to fulfill the first wave of orders… Never-the-less it marks the start of a new era in astronomy for many Celestron computerised mount users and also gives hope that very soon the Starsense Accessory will become a stock item.… Read more »