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Optolong and ZWO Filters Transmission Report

I’ve come up with this test report of Optolong and ZWO filters not only because we are the main Optolong importers and ZWO distributor in the UK, but because I myself also wanted to see what we sell and whether we should expect any problems, which is of course very important if one wanted happy customers… It was also a response to an article I read on the Cloudy Nights forum: As you will see this is not a quantitative report, but it will show the tendency and that Optolong and ZWO had good intentions and made positive improvements and that it is safe to buy their filters that were manufactured comparatively recently (i.e.… Read more »


SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW FOR A VOUCHER (rules have been amended on 6 Oct 2013: deadline extended) We have now this blog plus two more blogs about microscopes and telescopes as well: We know there is not much information there yet, but the plan is to submit our own reviews, probably 2-4 per month or so, plus from 1 Oct until 31 Dec 2013 we will be giving away £10 and £20 vouchers for submitted reviews… Conditions: 1.… Read more »