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How to choose a telescope

How to choose a telescope We hear this question frequently from our customers: “This will be my first telescope, but there are so many to choose from, so I would need some advise about how to choose a telescope…” Then I would ask couple of questions to make sure we go into the correct direction… The question, “what sort of budget you have” or “how much were you planning to spend” might be not that easy to answer, once you know that some telescopes might not serve you as well as others for a certain purpose…, never-the-less it’ll give me an idea about what types of telescopes to discuss with you… Another important question is whether you want to do any astro photography or not.… Read more »

Welcome to 365Telescopes, a blog for stargazers!

The 365Telescopes blog has been setup by 365Astronomy with an aim of providing additional information and support for our customers and other interested parties who have common interest in mainly observation, imaging and scientific research of stars, planets, deep sky objects, the Sun and the Moon and obviously the instruments, used for the above, so this is meant to be a real telescopes and astronomy blog.… Read more »