First Light with Daystar Gemini Quark

I have visually observed and imaged the Sun for over 50 years, most of that in White Light with full aperture Solar filters. About 10 years ago I started imaging in Halpha something made possible by Coronado bringing out the PST.… Read more »

How to assemble a ZWO ASI6200MM-PRO, 2″ EFW and M68 OAG

In this article you will learn how to connect a ZWO ASI6200MM Pro, a ZWO 2″ EFW and ZWO M68 OAG to get the best back focus length of 55mm. All these parts can be purchased from 365Astronomy or their dealer network.… Read more »

Review of TS APO65Q f/6.5 Quadruplet Astrograph

I have recently tested a TS APO65Q 65mm Flatfield Astrograph, thanks to Zoltan at 365 Astronomy.  I’ve previously had a little experience of a Doublet Refractor (Achromatic) of a similar size, but was interested to test this Scope as it is built with 4 elements, being a Triplet Apochromatic Refractor with a built in Field Flattener which makes it a Quadruplet.… Read more »


High quality prints of infographic posters. The Sun and the planets of our solar system + MOON! Zoltan’s friend Peter Vizi from Hungary came up with this idea that we would be happy to share with you here… The Astro infographic project has the ultimate goal of getting the people closer to astronomy in a social way.… Read more »