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Eagle3 Advanced

CABLE GUYNow that you have integrated your Eagle3 with your rig as a physical mounting component and tested it a few times, it is a very good idea to check all the fixings for movement and especially check and tighten any bolts, nuts, screws etc which can easily settle and wriggle loose.If you haven’t tackled it yet, after this initial succesful testing phase is proved satisfactory then sensible cable management may take place.… Read more »

Optolong and ZWO Filters Transmission Report

I’ve come up with this test report of Optolong and ZWO filters not only because we are the main Optolong importers and ZWO distributor in the UK, but because I myself also wanted to see what we sell and whether we should expect any problems, which is of course very important if one wanted happy customers… It was also a response to an article I read on the Cloudy Nights forum: As you will see this is not a quantitative report, but it will show the tendency and that Optolong and ZWO had good intentions and made positive improvements and that it is safe to buy their filters that were manufactured comparatively recently (i.e.… Read more »

Configuring the Eagle3

BOLTING ALONGThe Eagle3 meets many astro imager’s needs and it is very simple to assemble and configure. In very little time I’d worked out a suitable manner of securing the Eagle3 (in my case simply using two of the supplied bolts and fixing from underneath my carry-handle).… Read more »

Fornax Mounts in Chile – Fornax 200 Installation

Fornax Mounts in Chile – Fornax 200 Installation Zoltan at 365astronomy got hold of some images of Fornax Mounts staff installing their latest (and so far largest) telescope mount, a Fornax 200. (365Astronomy is proud to be the official UK distributor of Fornax Mounts…) The Fornax 200 mount has been specifically designed and developed for this project and is part of the HAT Project (Hungarian Automated Telescope Project).… Read more »