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A Comparative Review of TeleVue Nagler, Delite and Delos short Focal-Length Eyepieces

Review by Steve Miles, in association with ‘365Astronomy’ 18/01/2019 Preamble Having owned and used most of the popular amateur telescope types, in varying f-ratios and apertures, I have ended up following a now well-trodden path back to using refractors (though not to the exclusion of the others, all of which of course have their uses).… Read more »

Review of Various Eyepieces for a Binoviewer

This “Review of Various Eyepieces for a Binoviewer” has been kindly written by one of our customers who needed a pair of eyepieces for his binoviewer, but wanted to try them before his final decision. We agreed to supply the eyepieces and in return he has written an unbiased review of some of our eyepieces. … Read more »