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Configuring the Eagle3

BOLTING ALONGThe Eagle3 meets many astro imager’s needs and it is very simple to assemble and configure. In very little time I’d worked out a suitable manner of securing the Eagle3 (in my case simply using two of the supplied bolts and fixing from underneath my carry-handle).… Read more »

PrimaLuceLab Eagle3

The Eagle3 is now available from 365Astronomy and we wanted to tell you more about what it is like to use this innovative new astrophotography computer. At first glance you will see a box with power ports and perhaps notice the Wi Fi aerials but look closer and you will see it is made solidly from metal and has many threaded fixing holes on the top and bottom.… Read more »

A Comparative Review of TeleVue Nagler, Delite and Delos short Focal-Length Eyepieces

Review by Steve Miles, in association with ‘365Astronomy’ 18/01/2019 Preamble Having owned and used most of the popular amateur telescope types, in varying f-ratios and apertures, I have ended up following a now well-trodden path back to using refractors (though not to the exclusion of the others, all of which of course have their uses).… Read more »

Professional Optics Cleaning with Photonic Red First Contact Polymer – p2

Professional Optics Cleaning with Photonic Red First Contact Polymer – Part 2 In this article we’ll show images related to a cleaning of a really large (in amateur terms) primary mirror of a 18″ Newtonian telescope, a Skywatcher Stargate-450P GOTO telescope.… Read more »