Cosmic Watch App

The Cosmic Watch App is a visually stunning treat on your mobile phone or tablet.

For this review I ran it on my Apple IPad tablet where the large 10” screen really did justice to the high resolution graphics on display.

There are plenty of Astronomy related apps available, I own a few myself, and most of them pack a wealth of information into their databases. The problem with this is that you often have to go hunting for that information; Cosmic Watch is different in that it displays a wealth of information in one place. I particularly liked the display showing the constellations against an Earth globe which when you run the time forward, or backward, you see the passing constellations that are available at your location at a certain date and time. To get the most out of these displays I found it best to enlarge/Zoom in to the Earth globe. Many of my other Astronomy Apps can show the passage of constellations against the sky background, but I have never seen one before that shows the Earth as the backdrop in quite this way.

In conclusion there is a lot to explore and as stated a wealth of useful information on display.

I have yet to explore all those features but am impressed.


A couple of slight criticisms:

One is that with all there is to see, it would have been nice to have a comprehensive help feature/manual, available. There is a help feature but this just seems to label the various functions on offer or am I missing something?

Second, although in my case the nearest place listed is only a few miles away it would be nice to be able to input your own location.

I feel sure that the developers will find ways to address these issues in future updates.


Update added to on 19th September 2017.

Having spent more time with the app I have managed to explore many more of the features on offer.

I have also discovered some useful tutorial videos that the developers have put together this help to explain some of the concepts that the app is able to display. I hope that more will be available in the future. I find that video tutorials really help, but I have yet to discover a full review video from an independent source. Most of the written reviews are positive however one criticism that I came across was that the author found the so called “Gods eye view” that is looking down on the Earth and constellations confusing and he stated that it makes using Cosmic Watch as a planetarium app impossible. I disagree there are plenty of one dimensional planetarium apps out there, Cosmic Watch is unique I the way that it displays its information.

I would still like to have a complete written help file explaining the various concepts and hope that this will soon be available.



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Posted on September 21st, 2017.