Professional Optics Cleaning with Photonic Red First Contact Polymer – p2

Professional Optics Cleaning with Photonic Red First Contact Polymer – Part 2

In this article we’ll show images related to a cleaning of a really large (in amateur terms) primary mirror of a 18″ Newtonian telescope, a Skywatcher Stargate-450P GOTO telescope.

 The story is that a customer returned this telescope, but he used a black thin plastic to cover the mirror instead of the original cling film.  The original cling film cover is chemically clean, whilst the plastic that he used was not chemically clean and left a residue on the surface. We had to clean it and of course there was no question that we had to use the Photonic Red First Contact Polymer, based on previous experience.

It took about half an hour to cover this enormous main mirror.

Our customer noticed that the center spot was not exactly in the center, although it was off only by about 2mm, I’ve decided to correct this as well whilst cleaning the mirror. Having a polymer over the mirror makes it actually much more convenient to place a center spot… It made it a bit more complicated and there were some complications due to the center spot and also because the first layer was not thick enough… Also, it seems I’ve managed to leave few tiny areas out, therefore I had to do it again as cleaning small areas is not easy. When there is a large mirror area, it is easy to drop droplets here and there from the applicator and those are very difficult to remove, so easier to simply cover the whole mirror.

Just carry on removing the polymer…
It’s a very thin layer, so take your time…
Nice and clean again!

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Posted on February 2nd, 2019.