High quality prints of infographic posters. The Sun and the planets of our solar system + MOON!

Zoltan’s friend Peter Vizi from Hungary came up with this idea that we would be happy to share with you here…

The Astro infographic project has the ultimate goal of getting the people closer to astronomy in a social way. The classic path to gain dry, statistical information about our Solar system is to open a book. Even if you google-up the information what you are looking for is a modern, digital route it is still not engaging others. It is you, your book or your smartphone. No discussion, no questions, no human interactions. Our goal is to get the people, friends, families around our posters and beyond enjoying the visual joy of art, you can learn something new about the planets of our Solar system and you can start a chat about it. Which planet is closer to the Sun? Can we see the moons Jupiter tonight? Would my smartphone melt on Venus? We are ready to feed your hunger for knowledge!

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Posted on October 15th, 2019.