ZWO ASI CMOS Cameras and Accessories

ZWO ASI CMOS Cameras and Accessories

ZWO ASI CMOS Cameras and Accessories

We are being frequently asked about ZWO ASI CMOS cameras and accessories, so here is a quick overview of these popular products.

We can supply the whole range of ZWO cameras and accessories from UK stock now.

The ZWO ASI 120MC colour, ASI 120MM monochrome and the lates USB-3.0 versions, ZWO ASI120MC-S and ZWO ASI120MM-S are our bestsellers, but we also sell the ASI 130MM monochrome that comes with a slightly bigger sensor (its field of view is equivalent to a 9mm eyepiece). Since February 2015 we also sell the ZWO ASI174MC and ZWO ASI174MM cameras that feature SONY’s latest Pregius Global Shutter CMOS technology with a cpmaratively large sensor that makes these cameras especially suitable for imaging the Moon and the Sun. (Don’t forget that you’ll have to use a solar filter too, if you want to image the Sun.)


ZWO USB ST4 Adapter

All these ASI 120 and ASI130 cameras also come with a guide port as well, so these cameras can be used as high quality guide cameras, too. Now, you might ask, if the ASI 130MM comes with a larger chip, why the lower price…?  Well, the sensor of the ASI130MM is somewhat older than the ASI120MM and ASI120MC, so the ASI120 cameras provide less noise and higher quantum efficiency. Never-the-less, the ASI130MM might be a good choice for some applications or some telescope setups if a bigger chip is required. The latest technology justifies the higher price of the ASI120 series.

There is also a new member to the ZWO CMOS camera family. The affordable ZWO ASI034MC colour camera can be a great, modern replacement for those cheap planetary imagers if 640×480 resolution is enough for your needs or don’t want to pay much more than £120 for a really good planetary imager.

Although the ZWO ASI034MC camera doesn’t have an ST4 guide port, we sell a separate device, the ZWO USB to ST4 Adapter,  that allows use of it as a guide camera as well.

ZWO 5-position Filter Wheel with 1.25" Eyepiece Holder & Brass Compression Ring

ZWO 5-position Filter Wheel with 1.25″ Eyepiece Holder & Brass Compression Ring

The ZWO 5-position filter wheel is a high quality manual filter wheel that is somewhat better than some similar alternatives from other brands. The difference that makes it better is that the wheel turns around on a ball bearing, thus it is really easy to turn it that we cannot tell about some other alternative filter wheels. It is important when you have a photo setup looking at i.e. a planet and you are imaging your object and the last thing you want is to knock the telescope off from its precise position by forcing a filter wheel to turn… in other aspects this filter wheel is similar to other 5-position filter wheels and comes with the usual accessories.

We’ll carry on adding to this article as we sell more and more ZWO products…

Article by Zoltan Trenovszki

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Posted on January 23rd, 2014.